Since 1985 innovating in
solutions of polyurethane

to help our clients lead their markets


Experience and Quality Assurance

Shimtek Indústria e Comércio de Resinas Ltda was founded in January 1985 with the aim of developing the best solutions in polyurethane based resins.
We started on the market with SHIMFAST®, a resin for grouting and pavement.
Promptly, we expanded our product line for electro/electronic and adhesives resins, elastomers, binders, rigid, flexible and integral skin foams.

Why choose Shimtek?

We have a technical and commercial structure capable of
meeting the requirements of the market


  • Provide industrial solutions with polyurethane based resins and foams that fully meet our clients’ needs, seeking to achieve and maintain transparent and ethical relationships with: customers, employees, partners, suppliers, the community and shareholders;


  • We work to maintain the leadership in all our areas of activity, always looking for a constant increase in the aggregate economic value. This grants us the entrepreneurial freedom we need and turns us into a trustworthy partner. To ensure financial success, we optimize time, quality and costs in all our activities;


  • Our thoughts and actions result from a sense of responsibility when it comes to reaching a common goal. Our cooperation is characterized by trust, personal integrity, mutual respect and open communication.