High resistance and reduced weight

Espumas | Rigidas e Flexíveis

Rigid and flexible versions

In the rigid and flexible versions, the foams present good mechanical characteristics, especially thermal and acoustic insulation. Another positive feature of the foams is the property of protecting the surfaces of pre-finished components, which is widely used as a base or mold in industrial assembly lines and prototypes. Other benefits are the large parts and components that require resistance and reduced weight. Produced under mechanical shaker “hand mix” or injection machines.


Rigid Foam

Used in the manufacture of parts with rigid structures and micro cellular cells assigned to the production of hospital furniture, panels of electronic boxes, decorative frames, some technical items for industry among others.
Thermal Insulation
With a rigid structure and cell that retains gases, it provides properties such as thermo-acoustic insulation to the materials. Its manufacture can be through rigid blocks with varied densities, allowing cutting of several geometries, as well as ease of obtaining formats of injected parts with molds of different shapes.
Semi Rigid
Used in the production of parts with semi rigid structures may have different stiffness and densities and can almost always be coated with another material, using as packing shim, impact absorbers and others.
Espumas Rígidas


Flexible Foam

Used in the manufacture of flexible parts for the automobile segments, furniture, toys and others.


Integral Skin Foam

Due to the heat exchange between the mold and the material, a thin layer (skin) emerges in the final product. Use: Armrest; steering wheel; technical parts; headrest in bathtubs; etc.
Espumas Pele Integral

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