Shimtek Resins

Innovation, Variety and Wide Application

resinas bi-componentes


The bicomponents resins manufactured by Shimtek represent the most advanced technology in terms of encapsulation, insulation, protection for industrial secrets and component for the electro/electronics industry and they also present countless benefits over conventional products.

Adhesives and Sealants

Mono or bicomponent polyurethane systems used in applications of several types of segments such as adhesives, glue, binders, filters, sandwich tiles among others.
Poliuretano mono_bi-componentes


Polyurethanes whose parts present micro cellular structures. They can have different hardness and good resistance to solvents, tear, bending, abrasion etc. They can be injected in different manners. They are used as engineering materials and recognized for their excellent properties such as mechanical strength, resistance to abrasion and oils combined with high resilience. They are used in applications like sprins, sheets, billets, wheels, rulers for guillotines, gaskets, gloves, cushions, couplings, printing cylinders, belts, steel rolls and mining parts.

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