State-of-the-art Polyurethane Technology


Elasticity. Resistance. Durability.

To solve the technical problems of grating and paving, a totally national new technology has been developed. It is a fusible in place at room temperature synthetic material with excellent modulus of elasticity, which promotes to the equipment a perfect contact with the foundry.


Why Shimfast®
is a paving benchmark

Chemical Resistance
Notable chemical resistance to alkali, mineral, vegetable and animal oils, greases, petroleum solvents, humid and marine atmospheres.
Saving Costs and Easy Incorporation
In addition, it allows being incorporated to the gravel to reduce consumption and it does not have a high exothermic reaction, which accredits large parts leaks regardless of their volume.
Low Toxicity
Its low toxicity rates allows it to be used indoors, eliminating forced environment ventilation.

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